Future tenses (exercise)

Underline the correct verb:

1.You've dropped your pen. I'll pick it up/ I'm going to pick it up/ I'm picking it up for you.

2. Next Christmas? We'll visit/ We're visiting/ We visit my grandmother for the first time in years.

3. One great Scottish event which happens every summer is the Edinburgh Festival. It will start/ is starting/ starts at the end of July and will finish/ is finishing/ finishes in August.

4. I know why Janet has been so happy. She will get/ is getting/ get married next month.

5. Oh, no! It's Dad's birthday today and I forgot to send him a card! I'll call/ I'm going to call/ I'm calling him later.

6. I will meet/ I'm meeting/ I meet Jim this evening, and we're going out for a meal, if you want to join us.

7. Are you coming/ Do you come/ Will you be to Angela's party this Friday?



1. I'll pick it up    2. We're visiting

3. starts..... finishes

4. is getting        5. I'll call

6. I'm meeting   7. Are you coming

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