Тест по английски език

I. Writing
What things make you optimistic?
II. Reading
Christmas gifts
The day before Christmas a piano arrived at our house. Six men delivered it. It was my father’s gift to the whole family, but my mother had gone along with him to pick it out, so I was really the only one surprised.
Joel asked me to go Christmas shopping with him. I told him okay, because I have a lot of allowance saved up and I want to buy something nice for everybody in our family. Now I’m sorry I said I’d go with him. Suppose he steals something?
I felt like calling him to say, “Forget it, I can’t go.” But then he’ll want to know why and what will I say?
When Joel called for me I was in the bathroom. My stomach hurt. But in a little while the pain went away and I followed Joel around like a detective.
Every time he put his hands in his pockets I was there to make sure he hadn’t taken anything. I helped Joel to pick out his present for Lisa. We decided on this stretch sweater that the saleslady said fits like a second skin. Once we were loaded down with shopping bags I really had hard time. I paid more attention to Joel than to my shopping list. I was surprised to see that he paid for everything. Maybe Joel never stole those batteries. Maybe it was my imagination. It could have been a mistake! But what about the apples at lunch? He steals one every day and that’s not my imagination!
Task 1: Choose the correct item
1. The storyteller was surprised by his father’s Christmas gift because:
A. it was huge
B. it was for the whole family
C. his mother had a good taste
D. he didn’t expect it
2. He accepted Joel’s invitation to go shopping with him:
A. to prevent him from stealing
B. after his parents’ permission
C. to make all his family happy at Christmas
D. to surprise his family at Christmas
3. He didn’t call off their arrangement because:
A. his stomach pain had gone away
B. he was under peer pressure
C. he wanted to play the detective
D. he liked to follow Joel around
4. He didn’t enjoy Christmas shopping because:
A. he didn’t trust Joel
B. he had to choose a present for Joel’s girlfriend
C. Joel didn’t pay for the sweater
D. his bags were too heavy
5. Joel’s shopping behaviour surprised the storyteller who:
A. remembered him stealing on various occasions
B. was a highly imaginative teenager
C. blamed himself for being too suspicious
D. admitted that he was wrong

Task 2: Find the word or phrase from the text which is described!
1. pocket money ........................................
2. to take something that belongs someone else ........................................
3. not to remember ........................................
4. to feel pain in part of one’s body ........................................
5. to carry too many things ........................................
III. Use of English
Task 1: Paraphrase
1. We haven’t been to the Internet caf& #233; for over a week.
It’s more than a week ___________________________________________
2. I have never drunk Coca-Cola before.
This is the first time ____________________________________________
3. You didn’t call me yesterday and I didn’t go skating.
If you ________________________________________________________
4. If you go to Pirin you’ll see some breathtaking scenery.
Pirin is the place _______________________________________________
5. I went to bed last night and I overslept.
If I __________________________________________________________
Task 2: Open-cloze
Dear Emma,

I’m sorry I haven’t written ________________ (1) you lately, but I’ve been working hard. When I received ________________ (2) last letter I was acting in a play at school, and when I finished that, I went ________________ (3) holiday with some friends.
I meant to ________________ (4) you a postcard, but I forgot to take your address with me. How are you getting on at college? You didn’t say very much about this in our letter. I hope you still like it, and don’t work all the ________________ (5)! Do you still want to come and stay for ________________ (6) few days? I’m starting work in London after I leave school in July, and I want ________________ (7) see you before then. I know you’re busy, but by the time your term finishes, I ________________ (8) have started my job. I’ve done ________________ (9) many things lately! I’ve just learned to drive and my parents sometimes lend me their car, so often I go ________________ (10) with friends. Maybe I’ll drive to Nottingham and see you one day.
Best wishes, Luisa.


I. Writing – 20 points

Grammar – 6 points
Vocabulary – 5 points
Punctuation – 3 points
Spelling – 3 points
Task completed – 3 points

II. Reading – 10 points
Task 1 – 5 points
1. D
2. C
3. B
4. A
5. A
Task 2 – 5 points
1. allowance
2. to steal
3. to forget
4. to hurt
5. to be loaded
III. Use of English – 20 points
Task 1 – 10 points (5*2)
1. It’s more than a week since we have been to the Internet caf& #233;.
2. This is the first time I have drunk Coca-Cola.
3. If you had called me yesterday, we would have gone skating.
4. Pirin is the place where you can/ will be able to see some breathtaking scenery.
5. If I hadn’t gone to bed late last night, I wouldn’t have overslept.
Task 2 – 10 points

1. to
2. your
3. on
4. send
5. time
6. a
7. to
8. will
9. so
10. out

Total: 50 points
0 – 10 Poor 2 You should work more carefully in your English classes. Make the test again after two weeks and if your score is still less than 10, you should start from the alphabet.
11 – 20 Your language level is certainly not B1–B2. Try Elementary (A1) and after some months you will be able to have more than 35 points in this test.
21 – 30 You are certainly not bad at English, but after you work on your English, your results will be at least “Good”.
31 – 35 Fair 3 You have some base in English but your level is still B1. If you don’t keep practicing, you will just stay on B1. You should therefore try some exercises of the level B1-B2 “Intermediate”.
36 – 40 Good 4 Your English level is “Intermediate” (B1-B2). Everything depends on you now. If you don’t exercise, you won’t reach the B2.
41 – 45 Very good 5 You are very good in English and you will become better if you keep practicing. After a month you should try a test for the level “Upper Intermediate” (B2+).
46 – 50 Excellent 6 Your English skills are very strong. You have the opportunities to get the level “Advanced” (C1).

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