My best friend (essay)

I will never forget the first time I met my best friend Allie. It was 8 years ago in a windy and snowy day. We collided with our sleds. We laughed a lot. Then we understood that we were neighbors.

Allie is 17 years old. She is of medium height and has slim figure. Allie has got a freckled face, full lips and a small nose. Her eyebrows are thin and her eyes are big and brown. She often wears her long wavy brown hair in a braid. Allie prefers comfortable clothes and can often be seen with shabby jeans, trainers and a T-Shirt. But when there is an occasion she wears a formal dress and high-heeled shoes. 

Allie is very modest and reserved but she likes to share things with me. Moreover, she is reliable and ready to help anyone in need. Allie has a tender soul. She loves animals and always tries to help homeless creatures. My best friend is very polite, good mannered and sweet tempered.

Allie loves swimming, Every Friday she goes to the swimming pool. We often go together in the park and take our dogs for a walk. Furthermore, we like to go to our favourite place - the harbour. We enjoy spending our time walking along the river. And like most of the girls in the world - we like shopping new clothes and shoes! What is more, we go together at dancing classes. It so funny there! 

Over the years, I have shared many good moments with Allie. She always gives me advice and support whenever I need. I am obliged to her. That is way I believe in true friendship!

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