Countable and uncountable nouns and quantifiers (exercise)


      Many/ Much tourists, on coming to Britain, complain about the food. 'Why are there so little/ a few/ few restaurants which serve British food?' they say. 'Why do the British eat potatoes with all/ every meal?' And, 'Isn't the food a little/ litlle/ a few expensive, considering the quality?'

      Well, these questions can be answered easily. There are a large number/ amount of foreign restaurants in Britain because Britain is a diverse and cosmopolitan place. People enjoy food from all over the world, particularly Indian, Chinese, Italian and French. Britain's climate, which has a large number of/ a great deal of/ several rain and a short summer, is good for growing vegetables, especially potatoes, so much/ many dishes are based on this versatile vegetable. As for the price of food, it's true Britain has a great number/ amount of expensive restaurants and delicatessens, but if you look carefully enough, you can find a great deal/ lots of cheaper places. Also, there are few/ a few pubs these days which don't serve hot, inexpensive food, and often it's real British food, too, like sausages and chips or shepherd's pie!






a little


a great deal of



lots of

a few

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